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Friday 11/21

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Open gym: 9-12

WOD @ 10:00

Strength class @ 11:00

Friday's WOD:

Overhead squat

-Work up to a heavy double with a 2 second pause in the bottom; make small jumps and get in at least 5 total sets

Bent-over row


6 Rounds for time:

5 Hang cleans 155/95 or 65% of best clean

5 Box jumps 24/20


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Thursday 11/20

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Today is the last day to order a hoodie!

Port City CrossFit Hoodie:


Port City Barbell Hoodie:

Open gym 


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Wednesday 11/19

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Walking lunges

4x10 each leg

*add weight with barbell in front rack


5 rounds:

8 inverted rows

*Hold 2 seconds with chest at bar.  Set-up with your body as close to parallel to the floor as possible.

15 Hollow rocks


5 rounds:

60 ft. OH barbell carry

*Clean and push press the ...

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Tuesday 11/18

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Last day to order a hoody is Thursday!

Port City CrossFit Hoody:


Port City Barbell Hoody:


Handstand ...

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Monday 11/17

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You have until Thursday night to order one of these hoodies!  These are high-quality, Champion 50/50 hoodies.  These are nice and should fit great!  Follow the sizing chart on the link. They are pre-order only!  We also have them with "Port City Barbell" on the back for you weightlifters.  Follow the link to sign-up.  Payment will automatically be added to your account unless ...
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Friday 11/14

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Open gym 9-12
WOD @ 10
Strength class @ 11

Open gym
Strongman class @ 1

Friday's WOD:

-Find your 1 RM


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Thursday 11/13

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We have hoodies designed!  These will be black Champion 50/50 hoodies with white letters.  Follow the link to see the design and preorder!  Please preorder and arrange payment with Keith by Thursday 11/20.  We will have a Port City Barbell option for you weightlifters. That link will be posted soon.


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Wednesday 11/12

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Thanks to all who came out to help us celebrate Veterans Day and the Marine Corps Birthday last night!

Veterans Day is something that I hold very close to my heart. It is a day that I reflect upon how fortunate I am to have served with some of the greatest men and women I will ever know.


It is a day, like everyday, that I think about my brothers and sisters who didn't get to come h...

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Tuesday 11/11

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*No 10 am class today.  Sorry for the inconvenience!*

Join us today as we pay tribute to out nation's veterans and celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday.  Today's WOD will consist of a modified version of the Marine Corps PFT, which happens to be two of our benchmarks.  Feel free to bring a friend to the 7 pm class, as we are opening this up to anyone who wants to participate.  After ...
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Monday 11/10

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On this day in 1775, the United States Marine Corps was born.  Happy 239th birthday, Marines!
Here is one of my favorite pictures of my Recon team, Hunter 2/3.  This was taken outside of Fallujah, Iraq around 2007.  You might not be able to tell by the picture, but we are each carrying about 150 lbs of ammo, armor, radios, weapons, water, and food.  These are four of...
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Sunday 11/9

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Open gym 11-2

Friday 11/7

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Open gym

WOD @ 10:00

Strength class @ 11:00

Friday's WOD:

Dress like an animal today!

Front squat (3 sec pause @ bottom)
-Work up to a heavy single; no misses

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Thursday 11/6

Posted on November 5, 2014 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (0)

*Community WOD @ 6 pm.  Bring a friend!  Free for everyone!

Strong man class @ 7 pm

Open gym
7-11 am
2-8 pm


This workout can be split up across Thursday and Friday.  If you wish to split it, do the squats and two light accessories of yo...
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Wednesday 11/5

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Clean pull

5x3@100-120% of best clean





In teams of 2:


10 rounds:


10 Burpees

20 KB Swings 72/53


*One partner works a time.  Alternate by round.

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