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Friday 10/31

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*Halloween WOD and BYOB today!*  



-Work up to a heavy single or work on your technique as needed


For time:

Run 800 m

8 rounds:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 KB Swings 53/35

Run 800 m


Friday:  rest


Push press
10 RM, 95%x10, 90%x10

Back squat
5 RM, 95%x5, 90%x5

Clean deadlift
5 RM

Jump squats
3x8@25% of 5 RM

*Other assistance as needed:

BtN Press
Press from split
Split squats
Death marches
Jerk drives

Thursday 10/30

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*Community WOD tonight at 6 pm!  Bring a friend!  It's free!*

*Halloween WOD and BYOB tomorrow!


Open gym
7-11 am
2-8 pm

Community WOD @ 6 pm - All welcome!

Weightlifting @ 6 pm

Strongman @ 7 pm


Snatch Pull to Snatch

-Build to a heavy double 2(1+1)

-Build to a heavy single


Clean + FS + Jerk


-Heavy single


Front squat (3 sec pause)

5 RM, 95%, 90%


Wednesday 10/29

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*No supervised Kids Care today*  Sorry for the inconvenience!

Community WOD tomorrow at 6 pm!  Bring a friend!  It's free!

*HALLOWEEN WOD ON FRIDAY!*  Wear a costume!


Front squat (3 sec pause at bottom)
Build to 2 RM, then 3x2@85% of 2 RM

Bent-over row:


5 rounds for time:

10 Burpees
15 KB Squats 53/35
300 m Run


Hang Snatch (from power position)

2 RM, 3x2@90%


Clean (from power) and jerk

(2+2) 2 RM, 3x2@90%


Clean pulls



Bent-over rows

10RM, 95%, 90%


Squat jumps

3x8@25% of 5 RM

CF Competitors:

Follow daily WOD, but begin with the following:

Touch and Go Snatch

Find your 3 RM.  Do not let go of the bar.  Straps are not allowed.  Don't let the bar rest on the floor.


Tuesday 10/28

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Bench press


*Start around 85% of 5RM.  Work up in weight each set, but avoid any missed reps.


For time:



Power clean and jerk or push press  135/95 or 65% of best clean

Toes to bar (Scale with V-ups)



Push press

5 RM, 95%x5, 90%x5



10 RM, 95%x10, 90%x10


Bench press

10 RM, 95%x10, 90%x10

Hip thrusts

3x8 (2 sec hold at top)



Monday 10/27

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This weekend, seven lifters from our Port City Barbell team competed in the 2014 NC Weightlifting State Championships.  Kera, Claire, and Logan all competed for their first time, and put up some very good lifts, as well as set a few personal records.  TJ and Derek both hit huge PR totals, with Derek setting personal records on both the snatch at 253 lbs and clean and jerk at 301 lbs.  Kayla, not pictured, hit an easy 165 lb clean and jerk, and made a 176 lb clean, but missed the jerk.  I hit a 253 lb snatch and 319 lb clean and jerk...not my best lifts, but not bad either!  Overall, we had a great time competing and supporting one another.  I couldn't be more proud of this team!

If you are interested in improving your weightlifting or competing, today is a great day to get started.  We will be kicking off a new training cycle to prepare for a meet in January.  Weightlifting is open to anyone!  We meet M-Thursday at 6 pm.


*PCCF 4 year Anniversary Party this Saturday at Courts and Sports at 4 pm!*


*Just 3 weeks left to go of this training cycle.  We will be hitting those benchmarks again soon!

Back squat
3 RM (5x3)

OTM 12 minutes:

5 pull-ups (Scale this number down as needed or use inverted rows.)

3 Box jumps (As high as possible.)


3 rounds for time:

Run 800 m

Rest 2 minutes


Snatch Push Press to OH Squat



Hang Snatch




Clean & Jerk



Snatch Pulls (3 sec pause)



Box jumps

4x5@85% of max height



Sunday 10/26

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Open gym 11-1

Friday 10/24

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Open gym
WOD @ 10

Friday's WOD:

Front squat
3 RM (3x3)


5 rounds:


2 min running clock:

6 Power cleans

6 Front squats

6 Push presses or jerks

AMRAP Burpees in remaining time

Rest 2 min


* Use 135/95 or 65%.  Your score is the total number of burpees completed in 5 rounds.

Friday weightlifting:

Mobility work

Bar work


Game time!


Thursday 10/23

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Open gym
7-11 am
2-8 pm

Community WOD @ 6 pm
Strongman @ 7 pm


Power snatch
Power clean and jerk

-Work up to a single at about 90% effort

Wednesday 10/22

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Hey guys!  I know some of you really struggled with the bench press yesterday morning.  Well, there is nothing wrong with you!  That was my mistake.  I wrote 85% of 1 RM, when I meant to write 85% of 5 RM, which would have made much more sense for a set of 10!  I apologize for the mistake.  I will do some burpees!  We will do this same set and rep scheme again next week, so you will have a chance to do this workout again.


CrossFit Kids tomorrow at 4:30!  Free!

Community WOD tomorrow @ 6 pm 

Bring you friends or family members that are interested in trying CrossFit!  This workout will use basic movements and be geared towards beginners.  


Clean pull

5x3@100-120% of best clean






Hang Power clean 155/95 or 65% of best clean




3x1 @ opener

Clean and jerk

Work up to opener

Paused front squat (3 seconds)

-Work up to the weight of your clean PR for a single


Tuesday 10/22

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Bench press


*Start set of 10 around 85% of 5 RM

5 Single-arm BO Rows after each set


20 minutes:

Odd: 5 HSPU or strict presses

Even: 5 Toes to bar or 10 V-ups


5 rounds:

Run 300 m

Rest 2 minutes



Work on your mobility and work both lifts up to 65%.

Monday 10/20

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Back squat

3 RM, (5x3; once you have reached your 3 RM, back off 10% and complete the remaining number of sets)


Complete 5 rounds:

Max reps pull-ups (*Scale with inverted rows)

10 Double KB squats

15 Double KB swings

Rest as needed



-Work up to max

Clean and jerk


Back Squat

3 RM, 3x3@90%




Sunday 10/19

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Open gym: 11-2 Strongman @ 1 pm jungle rapids @ 3 pm Hopp's Supply Co @ 530 pm

Friday 10/17

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Great turnout for the Community WOD!  Thank you to all of you who encouraged or brought your friends!  We will have another workout like this next Thursday at 6 pm!

*NO SUPERVISED KIDS CARE TODAY*  Sorry for the inconvenience!

If you missed the nutrition class last night, and you need help, keep a three-day food journal, and e-mail it to me!  

Also, during the application portion of the class last night, I know I touched briefly on what a typical meal could look like...lean meat, a pile of fresh veggies, some healthy fat, and a portion of carbs suited to your goals and activity level.  This is a relatively simple approach that is easy for lunch and dinner...what I didn't talk in depth about though was breakfast!  As I have seen many people struggle to put together a healthy and sensible breakfast, I thought I would explain it a little here.

Breakfast is a very important meal!  It has a very large influence on our mood and energy levels for the rest of the day.  Although some people probably don't mind eating meat and a pile of veggies for breakfast, many of us wouldn't find that appealing.  This is what a good breakfast could look like:

Protein and healthy fat:

Scramble together or cook to your preference:

2-6 eggs (1 egg: Fat 5 g, Protein 6 g) (Free-range eggs will be higher in Omega-3)
1 Cup of spinach:  (Negligible amount of macronutrients, but full of other good stuff)
1 tbsp of grassfed butter

1/4-1/2 cup walnuts:  12-25 g of fat

Carbs suited to your goals / activity levels (Choose one):

1/2 cup blueberries:  10 g carbs
1 cup raspberries:     15 g carbs
1 avg size apple:       25 g carbs
Hashbrowns:             If you are trying to gain weight, add a pile of these to your breakfast!

Adding in a few strips of bacon here and there is fine!

Coffee:  Feel free to drink your coffee!  Just take it easy on the sugar and read the ingredient label on your creamer!  There's probably some nasty stuff in there!  Go for actual cream or half and half instead.

Try this breakfast!  If you are not used to eating a breakfast or you normally eat a massive chunk of carbs such as a bagel, this breakfast will make you feel like a million bucks!  The protein and fat in the eggs and walnuts will give you energy and make you feel full...probably all the way to lunch time!  This will keep you from snacking on junk or pigging out too much at lunch.  Also, remember, these are just examples.  This is my go-to breakfast!


Front squat

3 RM (3x3)



4 rounds for time:

10 Power cleans 155/95 or 65%

10 pull-ups*

*(Scale number of pull-ups down if needed, 5 minimum per round, or use inverted rows)


Run 1 mile for time.




Friday:  Bar work and mobility

Saturday:  Mock meet at 10 am.  Be there.  Bring your coffee and C4.  Be ready to lift heavy.

Thursday 10/16

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Open gym

7-11 am
2-8 pm

Community WOD @ 6 pm  

Nutrition Class @ 7 pm  

Both the Community WOD and nutrition class are FREE and open to anyone!


Back squat (If you missed yesterday's squats)

Work both lifts up to about 70%.  Keep it light and focus on good positions and speed.  Saturday, we will run a mock meet, so come ready to lift heavy!

Spend your extra time working on mobility or practicing positions.  Don't go heavy.


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